We Buy Beautiful and Ugly Houses

"The difficult we do immediately;

The impossible takes a little longer"


We buy homes quickly in South Florida. Our goal is to help and educate homeowners of all their options.  We have lived and worked or entire lives in South Florida, so we know Real Estate and the market conditions.  We are here to Help.


Our objective at Optimism Buys Beautiful and Ugly Houses is to be to teach and educate you, the homeowner on the market demands so you still develop the resources and data required to help make the correct choice. If you are looking to sell your home fast, we can make you a cash offer. Allow us to let you know that not all cash offers are equal.  Mr. Optimism  is aware of the individuality of various Homeowner's  circumstances because we immediately get in touch with you.


Fill out the easy Contact Form or call 561-623-2354 and you'll be moving toward obtaining a firm offer on your home. Mr. Optimism buys houses, duplex's, apartment properties, condominiums, along with other real estate within the Florida area regardless of  the problems and in any condition "AS-IS".


Optimism Buys Beautiful and Ugly Houses provides 3 different options so  that you will become an educated seller and make the best possible decision  for selling your property at the highest price available.


Optimism Option I: Sell your home for cash.


  • We pay cash and buy beautiful and ugly homes in Florida.

  • There aren't any home loan requirements or contingencies to buy your home.

  • There aren't any mortgage loan approvals required to buy your house.

  • We buy as quickly as the title company can close after we have decided and agreed on a price.

  • We buy beautiful and ugly houses in any condition ("AS IS").


Optimism Option II:


Do a Free Market Analysis of your home and obtain an estimate current market value and help you list it for sale with a Licensed Realtor. Often if the home is priced correctly it will sell fast and you the client obtain the maximum amount at closing.


Optimism Option III: Short Sale


Are you behind of on your home loan payments? We will help you with a short sale and steer clear of a property foreclosure on your record .Successful short sale transactions could be mutually beneficial. We are able to supply a method to escape from under uncontrollable home loan circumstances. Stop property foreclosure right now. Don’t wait around to begin your short sale. The faster a short sale process begins, prior to the property being foreclosures and a public  auction, the greater possibility of a success.


Again Mr. Optimism believes that everything is beautiful, including what is ugly.



We Buy Beautiful and Ugly Houses in Florida.

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Optimism Buys Beautiful and Ugly Houses
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